This is the evaluation we gave to parents about the Penguin Palooza Project.

These are some of the comments from our parents.

The best part about the project is that it doesn't stop when the Palooza ends. It's just the beginning. My daughter is still asking to email friends and family her "blabber" site. She is still surfing the sites to find more facts to share and she is showing a renewed thurst for knowledge.

I loved how the kids enjoyed the project and how they got to use technology that everyone may not have available to them at home.

My child learned the importance of working together to achieve amazing results. She learned to be confident and that through technology she can share with the world and make a diffrence one "Blabber" at at time.

It was great how well it worked together with the science and writing curriculum with all the different activities that were done in the project.

My daughter really enjoyed the penguin research. Everyday she came home with a twinkle in her eye when she knew that she knew something the rest of the family did not know about penguins.